Betting On Football: Everything You Need To Know

Football is certainly one of the most popular sports in the world. In reality, estimates declare that over 4 billion – more than half the popular of the world – are fans of the game!

A Little Bit about Football

Football as a game is tens of thousands of years of age, but the current version that’s the world’s favorite game evolved in the 19th century in England. The game was originally entertainment for the working class in Britain, but with the expansion of the British Empire, football spread to the rest. It soon became especially popular in South America.

Betting on Football

While ufabet betting on football has existed since the start of the overall game, the very first formal Football Pools were created 96 years back in England. In only a couple of months, there have been countless tens of thousands of football fans making bets on which team would win the Saturday afternoon matches.

To date, significantly more than 61 million folks have won almost £4 billion (~$5.26 billion!) and over half of a million still play those Football Pools today!

Kinds of Football Betting Markets

You will find various types of football betting markets today. Based on Bookmakers, here are a few of the most popular types:

1×2 Betting

The most straightforward form of betting market, the 1X2 bet, is called the 3-way betting market. You have three options – the Home Team (1) wins, the Away Team (2) wins, or it is a draw (X). So, 1X2.

Double Chance

Another popular type of football betting, double chance, or DC, allows you to choose 2 of 3 possible outcomes (Home team wins, Away team wins, or it is a draw). So, the permutations you can choose from are one or X, X or 2, and 1 or 2.


This is a betting market where you predict whether how many goals scored in the match will undoubtedly be above a certain limit or below. The limit that’s most commonly set is 2.5 goals. So, you will need to bet that you will have three or more goals scored in the match (Over) or two or less (Under).

BTT’s (Both Teams to Score)

This bet is binary – either both teams score an objective (or more) or not. So, even if one team scores but another doesn’t, it is a no. Your bet will either be described as a yes or a no.

Total Number of Goals

This is a harder bet to make, where you will need to predict how many goals will undoubtedly be scored during the match. The bet is made slightly easier since you don’t need to predict the actual quantity of goals but are made options of goal ranges.

Handicap Bets

This is a hugely popular betting market in Asia but recently has gained traction in Europe too. In this betting system, an objective handicap is put on the weaker of both teams. For example, when there is a -1.5 handicap, your chosen team needs to win by two or more goals.

HT-FT (Half Time-Full Time)

It would be best if you put a bet on how many goals will undoubtedly be scored by both Half Time in addition to Full Time in the football match. You will find nine different betting possibilities based on the permutations of the Home team, Away Team, and Draw.